Ivan Lieman


Having grown up in Kenya Ivan had a strong connection with nature from an early age. After studying Film in the United Kingdom, Ivan came back to Kenya to pursue a career in photojournalism. This afforded him the opportunity to visit some of most unique, unvisited and beautiful places in East and Central Africa. Having covered major conflicts in the region and experienced the detrimental effects, he acknowledges the importance of stable ecosystems and food security through well managed design systems. 

Sven Verwiel


From a young age nature always played a huge role in his life. Having grown up appreciating the diversity of East Africa’s landscapes, cultures, and wildlife, Sven went on to study the environment. With an agricultural degree in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, he travelled the world and worked on a variety of farms, including marine shrimp hatcheries, research centres & laboratories, and commercial freshwater tilapia and catfish farms. It was his aquaponics dissertation that got him entwined in the world of polyculture design systems. A mostly self-taught permaculture designer, Sven finally got his qualifications in 2013 and has been working on diverse projects throughout the Horn of Africa ever since.

Jess De Boer

Lead Permaculture Manager

With a degree in Urban Food Security and Risk Management, Jess spent several years working throughout East Africa on a range of community beekeeping projects focused on gender and youth inclusivity and rural business development. In 2015 she spent 12 months implementing and managing a large-scale Permaculture project in Gambella, South Western Ethiopia (where the bug bit HARD). Since then she has designed and coordinated a network of permaculture gardens in slum schools across Nairobi city and is currently based up with the team in Turkana, Northern Kenya.

James Thiong’o Gachie

Agronomist & Permaculture Consultant

After finishing his degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development from Kenyatta University he worked as a Community Liaison Officer for one year with the Laikipia Wildlife Forum. His strong passion for sustainable and community development, gardening, organic farming and Permaculture design, grew when he did his first Permaculture Design course in 2017. From then on he has been working and volunteering in various projects and farms across East Africa and most recently on our Turkana Demonstration Farm. His future aspiration is to have his own running Permaculture demonstration farm and home in Laikipia, which he has currently started to working on.

Daniel Kipkebut Amge

Agronomist & Permaculture Consultant

Born and raised in Eldoret, Daniel has a passion for community development, livestock and crop farming. After completing his degree in Animal Sciences from Egerton and a Post graduate diploma from AICAT in Israel, he worked with Latia Agribusiness Solutions as an Agribusiness advisor for over one year. His introduction to sustainable systems and the Permaculture approach to farming, has been a major turning point for him. Daniel’s future aspirations are developing a Permaculture farm in his home area and hoping that it will change the current, conventional farming system being practiced there.

Antony Mwau

Lead Nursery Manager

Antony has spent his entire life surrounded by plants which in turn led him to starting his own nursery as a teenager. We call him the 'master grafter' as he has undoubtable skills when it comes to trees and propagation. Anthony currently leads up the Tree Nursery on our ongoing Turkana project.

Michelle Verwiel

Marketing Consultant

Having completed her Advanced Permaculture Certification Course in 2017, she has a passion for spreading the message of Permaculture to the world. She holds a BA(HONS) in Marketing and Communications from the United Kingdom and has marketing experience in Food Security and Integrated Pest Management.