News from our Dryland Desert Farm in Turkana

Akiro Amana Analaireng, Nakukulas

News | Vo. 1

2018 and Amana farm @ 8 moths old is off to a cracking start.
This is the hot season however and the wind is fierce and the sun even fiercer – thank goodness for our ground cover species (made up of a hardy assortment of pumpkin, indigenous grasses and sweet potato) that provide some welcome shade for the young roots and shoots below.

Both the Moringa olifera and stenoptela species have been coppiced with their nutritious leaves turned into several KG’s of punchy green powder and the first order for fresh basil has been placed …

It’s not all juicy watermelons and odd shaped courgettes in this part of the world however; water reliability remains a daily concern as do the hordes of hungry caterpillars and a steady slither of venomous carpet vipers who enjoy the peace and serenity of our gardens too (!) not to mention the ongoing challenge of changing local mindsets… this is pastoralist country and anything without 4 legs and a pair of horns has its place in the hierarchy!

Looking ahead we see a number of agri-business and capacity-building opportunities with ongoing trainings, site visits and open days held in conjunction with both public and private institutions. Then there are the 6 volunteering spaces set to open up in April, the addition of a livestock and indigenous grass component to our agroforestry zone and the necessary market connections required to keep this place ticking over in the long run…

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