10 Cents From Our Newest Team Member

By: James Thiongo

"I was super excited to join the Turkana Team up in Nakukulas-  It has always been my dream to work and live on a farm and now i'm doing that in the desert! 


There is something great about the simplicity of working up here. You get up with the birds, do some gardening then take a break when it gets unbearably hot. At the end of the day you are tired but at least you feel you have achieved something. The evenings are spent around the fire under a huge acacia tree, storytelling and gazing at the usual clear bright skies.

The six women are motivating to work with. Having worked on the farm for a year now, they understand the garden better than anyone else. They constantly admit how lucky they are to have been chosen to work with the project. They are now equipped with gardening and tree planting skills, enjoy fresh vegetables from the farm and are now training the rest of the community on different permaculture techniques to improve their lives.


It’s a buzz of activity every single day yet every new day is an inspiration to make the farm the best model farm in nursery management, agro forestry, vegetable production, fodder production and community development, training the local Turkana community on alternative livelihood activities.

I was fortunate to spend time and interact with our first workshop Participants. Two gentlemen unique in their own ways. James Kagwe our first participant came two days even before the workshop started. He used to wake up early and start helping run the usual morning errands. He runs a waste management social enterprise in Naivasha and manages the first community garden in Naivasha. Lastly, he is setting up his 3 acre demo site. Samuel Mutisya the second participant is a commercial horticultural farmer growing tomatoes, capsicum and melons.  These two guys blended so well with our team and our daily activities on the farm. Joining us for hands on practical such as composting, vermi-culture maintenance, soil building practices, seedlings propagation, out planting,  harvesting of vegetables among others.

Turkana is now getting a new name; the cradle of mankind is now turning to be the coolest place to learn dry land permaculture. If you are ready to learn regeneration in practice and have a lifetime experience, sign up for our apprenticeship programme.