By Jesse De Boer

Work on our Turkana wastewater site kicked off mid November 2017 with a cheerful man called Patrick (an irrigation guru), the barefoot team and many, many rolls of shiny black pipe.

The site is located inside Tullow oil's main camp located within the Kapese community and the plan of attack involved the utilisation of approximately 50 - 100,000 litres of beautifully filtered wastewater a day... not bad for a desert!

Due to the wastewater factor - this site is all about fodder... waving boma rhodes, fat moringa branches, monster Napier grass and a number of trial species including indigenous, wild grasses, Sesbania sesban, Fhaidherbia albida, pigeon pea and an epic variety of purple leafed sweet potato.

... and because we're die hard poly-culturalists someone naughty also sneaked in some whopper pumpkins, mung beans, marigolds, banana's and a sporadic sprinkling of desert dates.

It's bloody brilliant.

Utilising wastewater, whether that's a couple of liters from your kitchen sink at home to commercial set up's like the oil camp is a good idea, no duh. And although we've been blessed with some mighty rains this year, the rest of the time such a valuable resource should be FORBIDDEN to run off into a stinking pool of greasy grey liquid where mosquito's gather together, throwing a party in honour of their lazy human hosts and procreating...

To date we have harvested over 10kg of moringa leaves (dried and will soon be processed into powdered superfood) and several lines of grasses and napier... half of which have been ingeniously baled DIY style and the rest that was shifted over to our main farm site 30km down the road to be spread over our vegetable beds as mulch...

This month's 'photo of the month' is a snap shot of this desert jungle we have created... with the simplest of designs and utilising an abundant and free resource... 

                                Before                                                                         After

Turkana wastewater banana circles'... 4.5 months in

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