A word from the training department!

By Florence Njoki

We learn as we work!

On a daily basis, the barefoot training department takes the Nakukulas community ladies into sessions of training; both hands-on as well as theoretical. The training's range from nutrition, composting using worms, nutrition gardening, tree planting, soil enriching techniques, crop protection, propagation, basic financial (saving, budgeting) hygiene among others. The hands-on training help the women know how to work on the farm, with the theory training enabling them to know the background of what they do on the farm.

Turkana being a pastoralist community has the locals inexperienced on agricultural issues. The community based women group, learns how to be trainers for the rest of the community. The ladies are also equipped with life skills i.e. financial and hygiene that enable them to be independent and take better care of their families. The ladies are eager to learn and they insist on other training like charcoal making, baking, soap making among others.

Barefoot Training Department teaches Turkana community ladies

Barefoot Training Department teaches Turkana community ladies

The ladies of the community are taught on our demonstration farm that has drip-line nutrition gardens where we grow herbs, green vegetables, moringa, salads, lemon grass, neem trees among others. The nutrition training made a big impact on the women. They were surprised to know that lemon grass cures stomach problems, and that moringa has seven times the vitamin C of oranges, three times the potassium of bananas, four times the proteins of eggs, four times the vitamin A of carrots and four times the Calcium of milk.

Namoni one of our ladies reports that she has learnt that if she has no fruits, she can drink the healthy vitamins from the moringa tree. Akale remarks: "kumbe moringa ni dawa ya kimaajabu”?  Translates that moringa is indeed a miraculous tree. Anna was surprised to learn that the composting worms are hermaphrodites!

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Training on enriching the soil for example, mulching, cover crops, use of compost as well as companion planting is among the training that could see the transformation of the potential Turkana. Our big challenge is now convincing the girls to eat salad. Tasting classes are coming up soon to get the ladies gain new taste buds;). Our satisfaction comes from the joy when the women notice how their soils have changed in a short time with the right input,  having them get new diverse food,  and when they ask for lemon tea. We know we have created an impact.

Barefoot promotes the training because with knowledge dispersed, our goals of replicability, scalability and success are possible!

If you are interested in joining our apprentischip program to learn all about what we do up here, read more and apply here