Water Conservation, using Absorber & Okoamaji

By Organix Ltd

How can we conserve water?

Organix has two products, Absorber & Okoamaji. Both products can reduce watering frequency, help with aeration, reduce leaching, and uniform germination of seed planted crops.

Watering frequency is reduced depending on the type of soil and weather conditions.
Sandy soils require more water then loamy or clay soils. During hot weather, plants loose a lot of water through their leaves due to transpiration. On average Absorber & Okoamaji can reduce watering frequency by 50%. Suppose you are in a hot area like Turkana and need to water your trees daily during the hot months of January and February. By using Absorber you will only need to water every other day; not only saving you water, electricity or diesel but also it will reduce leaching. The more water you apply the more leaching that occurs. If the water pH is high and there is sodium and bicarbonates in the water, then you do not want to apply too much water. This will keep increasing soil pH as well as the concentration of sodium. Then bicarbonates will build up hindering nutrient uptake by the roots of the plant.

Help with Aeration in soil? The process of continuous absorption and release of water from the Absorber & Okoamaji particles leads to expansion and contraction which will create air pockets in the soil leading to good rooting. With any plant, good feeder roots are the basis of good plant health leading to higher yields.

Leaching reduction? The particles of Absorber & Okoamaji will absorb nutrients dissolved in the water and will release with water. These nutrients may have been washed down in the soil if there was no Absorber. The nutrient use efficiency is increased as a result.

Uniform germination of seed planted crops – small amounts of Absorber when applied with seeds will ensure uniform germination and a healthy start of the plant. In case of a dry spell happening immediately after germination, the chances of mortality will be reduced.

Where can Absorber be used? Tree planting, fruit trees, coffee, tea, landscaping, vegetables, cereals like maize, wheat , …. Pretty much on any plant

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