Private permaculture property, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Lake naivasha lies north of Nairobi and is part of great rift valley, situated in Nakuru county

Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake and is fed by the perennial Malewa and Gilgil rivers. The lake is surrounded by a swamp which covers an area of 64 square km, but this can vary largely depending on rainfall.

We were warmly welcomed into the home of John and Lulu Clark who reside on the North side of the lake where they wished for us to turn their property into a permaculture utopia. And we are well on the way for permaculture systems take time to develop and settle into stable and diverse ecosystems.

When we first arrived the land was underutilized, needed ecological management and in general required a biodiversity boost. 

A few of the major aspects of the project include:

  • Creating Banana Circles
  • Intensive kitchen garden
  • Compost
  • Worms
  • Attracting pollinators
  • Dams
  • Passive landscape water harvesting
  • Food Forest
  • Vermiculture (both for vermiliquid and vermicastings)
  • Earth Works
  • Building biodiversity
  • Enhancement of soils through the addition of bio-mass and mulching
  • Farm to table (just good healthy greens through an organic approach and healthy soils)
  • Creating resilience within their system and household

Initial works on the kitchen garden

Propagation area to germinate strong seedlings for out-planting throughout their gardens

Banana circles from start to finish

They were built in order to capture excess run-off rain water coming from the road

Earthworks and the creation of passive water harvesting

Using Contour to allow passive infiltration of rain water and nutrient cycling

We measured contour using a dumpy level to make sure we were being true to the way water moves through a landscape. These swales will in time regenerate existing water tables through passive water harvesting.

abundance on our doorstep

buidling biodiversity

Today's self sufficient farm