Distant relatives Eco lodge | Permaculture Demonstration site

Burrowed away between the Giriama village of Fumbini and the beautiful emerald waters of Kilifi Creek lies Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers. This special place is both a message of optimism and an experimental model of environmentally and socially conscious living.

As of November 2016 we formed a beautiful partnership, took over the gardens at Distant Relatives Eco Lodge and started to run our successful Permaculture Design Courses.

Our overriding goal at distant relatives is to establish a resilient landscape that can overcome the ever changing global weather patterns. By creating ecologically sound designs we are able to be more than just sustainable but actually take part in enhancing our surroundings.

We are proud to announce that so far we have managed to successfully accomplish the following:

  • Land generation
  • Soil enhancement throughout Distant Relatives with constant compost and humanure application
  • Flow of nutrients & energy improving the ecological balance
  • Drip irrifation shade house kitchen garden
  • Food waste management
  • Systematic composting to enrich soils
  • Water harvesting through landscaping
  • Mulching to put organic matter into earth
  • Commercial wormery to implement vermiculture
  • Planting seedlings to develop nursery and food forest
  • Waste water system from Kitchen Grey water
  • Fully functioning wastewater design which purifies water through an artificial redbed system

Outcomes on demo site from Permaculture courses

We have been running a variety of courses hosted at Distant Relatives. So far we have held Permaculture design courses, Practical Permaculture Workshops and a Waste Water Management Course. These courses are aimed at empowering through knowledge, by collaborating and training members of the local communities as well international guests to create a strong and enriched next generation. In the last 4 years Distant Relatives has seen more than 120 students come through.

The Distant Relatives Eco Lodge Site Today

Today the Eco Lodge site is a flourishing Permaculture heaven with a graceful balance of flowing nutrients and energy improving the ecological balance in the Earth of which it sits on. With well functioning waste water systems using grey water from the kitchen, food waste from the kitchen turned into golden rich compost to a fully fledged mini-nursery booming with a variety of indigenous species, a thriving greenhouse germinating delectable herbs and fruits and vegetables!

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We welcome all ages and all experience levels to the courses we host. Stay tuned for our upcoming courses via the "Barefoot Blog" and our "Courses" page. To sing up, simply register on the course page and get ready to have a fun and a mind blowing experience!