Conscious Eco - Tourism - the best way forward

Ask yourself if you can recognize your business in the following statements

  • You want to provide a unique and grounded travel experience. 
  • Your guests are conscious consumers 
  • You are interested in the concept of "Farm to Table" - Reduce your food miles, cut costs and present your guests with an organically grown seasonal and local menu.
  • You are committed to the principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • You want to maximize your resources - For example by implementing an on -site waste management system, recycling organic waste and waste at your premises.

If the answer is "Yes"then get in touch! 

invest in the future of your business

So where to start? How can you improve the future outlook of your business, as well as have a direct positive influence on the environment?

As a team, we offer a professional permaculture consultancy service which includes design, full implementation and maintenance. Barefoot Soulutions' consultants can walk you through the process of creating a tailor made permaculture system step -by-step, making the best of the unique conditions of your site.

Thriving food garden | Distant Relatives Eco Lodge

Thriving food garden | Distant Relatives Eco Lodge

For more information on how to Improve Your Eco-Rating, download the PDF file below.



We have designed a series of courses and workshops, easily accessible to people of all levels of education, that effectively share and instill the philosophies and practices of permaculture.

With our expertise in training, hands on approach and by involving renowned international permaculture experts, we ensure that both you / your staff will get an extensive introduction..