apprenticeship Opportuntiy on the only drylands permaculture farm in turkana

We offer a huge variety of hands on experiences in topics such as intensive organic agriculture, biological pest control, agro forestry, nursery management, and more

Team on site | Turkana Women Farmers

Team on site | Turkana Women Farmers

Local apprentice

For African citizens only.
Duration: between 7 & 21 days.
Fee: $40 pp/day inclusive of full board accommodation (exclusive of transport to and from Kapese)

International apprentice

For international persons only.
Duration: between 10 & 30 days.
Fee: $125 pp/day inclusive of full board accommodation (exclusive of transport to and from Kapese)


About Turkana | North Kenya

Turkana is Kenya’s 2nd largest county as well as its poorest. The region is classified as arid / semi arid with average daily temperatures between 30 - 45C and an average rainfall of between 150 & 350mm, making it one of the driest.

In June 2017 the Barefoot team were sub-contracted to implement a series of dryland permaculture sites and will be opening our gates to interested individuals from March 2018.

our dryland demonstration farm site

Our main demonstration farm ‘Akiro Amana Analaireng’ is located 40km south of Lokichar, South West Turkana. This 3-acre site is comes with shared or private sleeping quarters (in raised tents), a full time chef, open air showers and a fully functional
demonstration farm.

The day to day

We start our days early due to the heat of the desert, break during the hot hours of the day, and wrap up in the evenings when it gets a bit cooler. There are a variety of different things we have in store for you, some of which are:

  • Soil enhancement through organic soil amendments, composting, mulching, green manure, and minimal till farming.
  • Applications of vermiculture & uses of E.M. technologies
  • Drip irrigation technology – design, layout, implementation, and maintenance
  • Water quality and storage: capture and conservation methods
  • Agroforestry: principles, design & implementation
  • Organic farming: principles, ethics, design, and implementation
  • Introduction to permaculture design philosophy
  • Vertical garden bag farming
  • Rehabilitation and development of pasture: grass identification, seed collection, and importance of re-seeding natural rangelands
  • Intensive fodder production
  • Integrated Pest Management: identification and control of diseases & pests using biological controls
  • The development of value chains: aloe, moringa, medicinal, and timber tree cultivation
  • Nursery practice: germination, propagation, budding & grafting of fruit trees, and out-planting of production and indigenous tree species

Meet Our team of champions

Our team consists of a diverse group of 100% originals. Work alongside Sven & Ivan - the founders of Barefoot Soulutions, Jess, Jackson & Anthony as well as a battalion of men and woman from the neighbouring community. On this site, everyone pitches in; Anthony is our tree nursery manager - master grafter and lover of reggae; Janet and our 6 women were born a few hundred meters down the road and have the full lowdown on this region and her people.

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